The loss of a furbaby is about as painful as it gets. No matter how much time passes, it still hurts. Perhaps because it is because of the true innocence an animal is. Perhaps it is because of their unconditional love. Pets love us no matter who we are, no matter what we do, no matter how we look. We are their world, their everything. I personally can honestly say, that in my entire life, my pets are the only one's that have never hurt me. The only time I ever cried because of them is if they were hurt, sick or when they went to heaven. There is not hurt, anger or resentment in having a pet. You can have the worst day of your life, and they are waiting to greet you. They run to you like they haven't seen you in ages, and all they ask for is love. No wonder we cry when animals die in movies, or in real life. The pain is stronger than anything I've ever know.

In Loving Memory Of Buffy
April 14, 1975~February 12th, 1989

In Loving Memory Of Suzie
July 11, 1981~April 19th, 2001

In Loving Memory Of Muffin
June 14th, 1989~November 26th, 2007

In Loving Memory Of Fred
1993~October 19th, 2002

In Loving Memory Of Sam
unknown~September 25th, 2003

In Loving Memory Of Smokey
1998~July 18th, 2004

In Loving Memory Of Sandy Maria
unknown~March 14, 2006

In Loving Memory Of Sammy
December 11th, 2005~April 24th, 2006

In Loving Memory Of Mama Mandy & Poncho
Mama Mandy 1988~February 2007
Poncho 1989~March 2007

In Loving Memory Of Macy
1998~February 2007


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