Hobbes was named after "Hobbes" from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Unlike her sister Calvin, Hobbes is quite normal when it comes to food. She loves her Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (Calvin has to eat this because of her allergies), Friskies Shredded Turkey and Cheese and any Fancy Feast Seafood brands. She absolutely loves water with a passion and likes to indulge in Whiskas Temptations when she is a good girl! And boy, oh boy, if we crack open a can of tuna, well watch out!!

Well, I must confess, my little girl is a garbage collector. She steals all sorts of caps (milk caps, pop caps, etc.) and other useless objects and hides them under the chair, or behind the cat box.

Calvin collects rocks...Hobbes collects leaves. One day I lift the chair cushion only to find a pile of leaves. Calvin and Hobbes are only allowed on the balcony with full supervision.

Hobbes is very vocal, and has a very deep, loud voice. Her purr keeps me awake at night...and night time, or early morning (when her paw paw gets out of the shower) is the only time she likes to cuddle!!

At Hobbes last vet visit (September 2007) she weighed 12lbs.

Hobbes has taken on a distinctive Siamese trait. She loves to cuddle her Paw Paw and Meowmie and will suck on our blankets. It is very loud. The more content she is, the louder her sucking will get.

Hobbes has a few nicknames. Hobbsy, Hobbsy Bobbsy, Boo Boo, Shrimp and Little One.

Hobbes likes playing "fetch". She has a little pink ball, and if you bounce it, she will catch it. She will then carry it in her mouth back to you and wait for you to bounce it again!!

Hobbes is very well behaved. She always listens and has known her name since shortly after we adopted her. Sometimes, she even feels the need to reprimand Calvin.

Hobbes is somewhat obsessed with the water cooler. She seems to have a fascination with water in general. Previous to purchasing our own water cooler, we had rented one. Hobbes knew how to push down the lever and get a drink of water. However, this usually resulted in a mess. Our new water cooler has a nozzle guard, so she has yet to figure it out. But sure enough, if you are pouring yourself a glass of water, Hobbes will leap at the water cooler to help.

Speaking of water, Calvin and Hobbes have decided that it is in their best interest to ONLY drink water from a glass on PawPaw's nightstand

Within a week of adopting Hobbes, I realized she was not well. Little did we know how sick our poor little baby was. She had an intestinal infection, prolapsed rectum and was very dehydrated. I felt so terrible. My poor little girl had to go on IV's! We had to put her back on pabulum and supplemental milk. She was on antibiotics for several weeks. The vet doubted her age and estimated that she was only four weeks old when we adopted her. Thankfully, our baby is a bill of health now. We almost lost her.

Calvin and I were enjoying a nibble of cantaloupe one night. Hobbes decided she wanted a taste too. Hobbes decided she loves cantaloupe too!!

Hobbes takes on much of her Siamese trait, in that she doesn't care to be held or touched, and tends to fancy her PawPaw. However, she is the most loving, laid back pussy cat I have ever known. She has never so much as scratched or bitten anyone, even as a kitten.

Hobbes loves to be the center of attention. I quite often just look at her and laugh. She is my little monkey. She will find entertainment in anything, even if that means picking on her big sister! She is an absolute joy to watch. She is continually trying new antics for attention, hence dubbing her "lil' monkey"!

When it comes to nail clipping time, Hobbes sits patiently and waits while you groom her.

Watch out, this kitty knows how to open all drawers and cupboards doors!! I never thought the day would come when I would have to child proof my kitchen from my kitty!! And when she opens the dresser drawers, she likes to empty them out, so picking up our undergarments and socks off the floor is a daily ritual in our home!!


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