Calvin was named after "Calvin" from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

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Calvin likes to hide things, such as, pens, hair accessories, engagement ring...

Calvin collects rocks...she brings them in from off the balcony outside and hides them under the mat by the front door...

When we first got our video camera, Calvin was scared of it. Here is a picture of her walking towards me on the video camera.

At Calvin's last vet check-up (September 2007) she weighed 11.5 lbs. Calvin is on medication, for she suffers from separation anxiety, Feline Hyperesthesia and Psychogenic Alopecia. She was diagnosed in February 2003. The medication she is on, unfortuately makes her gain weight. Calvin did not gain a single ounce since her last vet appointment which is excellent!! And even better, Calvin's condtion has improved immensely!

Calvin likes to cuddle first thing in the morning...and 24 hrs a day. Everytime her mom sits down, she wants to cuddle!!

Calvin's favorite toys are her two forever famous Winnie The Pooh's. These have been her favorites since she was a kitten. She doesn't like it when anyone touches them, and when we do, her temper flares. At one time, we couldn't take her anywhere without one of her "pooh's".

Calvin would be a vegetarian if we let her. If there's a salad out. Oddly enough our cat prefer's fruit and vegetables. It got so bad at one point, she refused to eat her cat food. We give her little bits once in a while, but don't make a habit of it. She needs a healthy balance of protein and other essential ingredients in cat food.

Calvin has a few nicknames. Calvinetta, Babykins, Smoozle and most commonly, Peach.

Calvin has a very gentle, quiet voice. Sometimes her meow even cracks. Her purr is very quiet as well. It is quite soothing actually.

Calvin got stung by a bee once. She was fine...I think it effected me more than it did Calvin. I went BEE-ZERK!

Calvin has an unusually long tail.

Calvin has learned to sit and wait, as well as play catch with her 'pooh's'.

Calvin loved when my sister-in-law's cat Sierra would come stay with us. I thought it would be a great idea to get a kitten, since Calvin seemed to get along so well with other kitties. Well, let me tell you...what a rough start. Calvin absolutely hated Hobbes when we got her. Now, Calvin and Hobbes have grown to love one another, even though they have two completely different personalities.

Calvin and Hobbes have decided it is in their best interest to ONLY drink water out of a glass on their PawPaw's nightstand.

Calvin is one of the most loving, sweetest, cuddly kitties I have ever known. Once she gains your trust, she showers you with love. And when you ask her "for kisses on top of the head", she bows down her head to you can give her a kiss.

Call this kitty "Miss Clean". She can't stand to be dirty in any way, and even wipes her paws, and proceeds to wash them directly after leaving the kitty box!


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